Some facts about modern sunburst mirrors

At start we want you read some opinions of people. We found them on the street and asked: would you like to have sunburst mirrors in your flat? The answer usually was like “Hmm, would be nice!” Then we show them some photos of mirrors and they were impressed. We were very surprised on how light weight these sunburst mirrors are. The frames of mirrors are black, which they didn’t expect. Here you are some example descriptions of sunburst mirrors which you can buy in shops. They are focused on appearance and adventages, but you should read them. Expecially if you plan rrighten up your place.

sunburst mirrors

Sunburst mirrors have become very popular for a few reasons. They always looks great and they can be cheap. You don’t need to waste big money to buy them. Sounds good?

1. To illustrate this point, we have pulled together a big group of sunburst mirror made from all kinds of materials. Take a look…then guess what they’re made from. It should be funny. Here is a small interview with a person who knows this stuff: “I made a couple different mirrors using skewers and small pack of round wall mirrors with variety of sizes.

2. With the first mirror I have tested a round clock frame and then glued the skewers to the back. The last suburst mirror I stained the skewers and glued them to the back. I have also used styrofoam balls and then painted the balls. They were simply and fun to make, you must try this!” As you see, you would love this.

sunburst mirror3. They have been brightening interiors for centuries. Poeple used to say their pedigree goes back to 17th-century France.

4. These mirrors enjoyed a major revival in the 1940s through ’60s and are considered style icons these days. They are getting popular and you can find variety of them in the Internet shops. What is the secret of their power? Amazing looks and a great disposition.

5. No matter their old and stange style, sunburst mirrors are among decorators’ most loved tricks of the trade. They bounce light and you feel heaven! They making a room feel bigger and brighter – it’s amazing. They also give you a handy spot to check your face, hair etc. Let’s think about photos or selfies – your head in the middle of the sunburst mirror. Can you feel it? 🙂

I know that sunburst mirrors can be little strange for some poeple who visit me, but I love them and think they are cool. I know there are many ways you can make a sunburst mirror but I love this spin on the traditional look and modern power. Where the wood shims are turned sideways and staggered at different heights – it looks like your own small sun in your room. We originally had another idea of what we wanted to place above the fireplace but I wanted more depth and interest in my space. I prepared individual sections of shims and gorilla gluing them together in multiples of five and nine. That wasn’t a hard work, but if you don’t hate glue and stuff like this, you should definitely try it. Good luck, let’s make your own sunburst mirror!

modern sunburst mirrors

Fun and versatile enough to complement nearly any house décor style imaginable, sunburst mirrors are making the comeback. As people say – the big comeback is real! From traditional to contemporary, old to modern and nearly everything in between. If your home has a style it’s likely there is a this kind of mirros to fit your personal taste. To be honest, this trend is so hot, it’s very easy to find a piece at any price point. They are available in a wide range or shapes and crazy designs, don’t be scared of having the same exact piece as everyone else on your neighborhood.